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James Pyle May 14, 2012 at 2:47 pm

Dear Roller Derby Australia,
I’m writing to you in regards to the up and coming Sydney band The Darkened Seas. The Band have been gigging around Sydney/NSW for the past 12 months refining their sound and gaining fans with their unique old skool rock n roll sound.
They have developed a very moody blues rock aura that I believe to be perfect as a entertainment band at RDA events.

The band’s debut EP is due out in June and will be presented and performed at The Annandale Hotel. I highly recommend a rep from RDA attends and I would be more than happy to put a name down on the guest list. The true magic of the band’s music is in live form. The Date of the gig is Saturday June 9th.

Below is a link to a private sound cloud I have setup for reviews and such. Please enjoy the music!

Here is the link to the band’s Triple J unearthed page and Facebook.



Kind Regards
James Pyle
0418 983 584


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